Red Coral Nugget Necklace


  • Nugget red coral with gold pyrite gemstones.
  • 14k Gold filled lobster clasp with 18K 2″ extender chain.
  • Foster strength, optimism & communal harmony!
  • Associated with the Root chakra.
  • Measures 14.5″
  • Artisan Crafted USA Free Ship

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Red Coral Nugget Necklace

Red nugget coral with gold facet cut pyrite gemstones. Charge your root energy and passion with this beautiful gemstone from the sea. Promoting communal harmony and friendship bonds, this necklace will aid release of negative thoughts. Be strong and protective with the metaphysical healing properties of this red coral for your root chakra.

Revive your passion in life and love. Boost your self-confidence and help everything look rosier.
Includes an organza bag and gift box.

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