The Throat Chakra is the communication chakra. It is associated with expression and creativity.
Location: Base of Neck
Color: Blue
Element: Ether

Associated Emotions:

The Throat Chakra is associated self-expression and the ability to communicate clearly in all forms – listening, speaking, and writing. It is important for creativity as well as comfort in speaking your inner truth.

Associated Anatomy:

The Throat Chakra is associated the bronchial tubes, thyroid glands, vocal cords, respiratory system, mouth, and esophagus.

What Happens When Your Throat Chakra is Out of Balance?

When your throat chakra is underactive you have a hard time expressing yourself. Staying focused and paying attention become difficult. An underactive throat chakra is associated with the phrase “swallowing your feelings.”
An overactive throat chakra will cause you to talk too much. It is associated with a domineering, critical (judgmental) personality.

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