The Strength & Serenity Collection

CHALCEDONY  -  Nurture+Calm  Chalcedony dissipates negative emotions-- whether they come in thoughts, emotions or bad dreams.  It alleviates sadness, transforming it to hope and joy. It promotes goodwill, benevolence and generosity between others. A natural anti-depressant, it is perfect for someone going through a difficult time.

JASPER -  Strength+Support  Representative of the earth energy, Jasper is known for its grounding properties such as practicality and strength. The stone offers a supportive energy that brings about contentment and tranquility. It also provides courage to  tackle problems and promotes quick thinking.

AGATE -  Stability+Security  Cool, calm and collected Agate is known as the stabilizer stone to draw upon for support when you need stability and grounding. It soothes the nerves while healing inner tension and anger to create a sense of security and safety. It also improves concentration and analytical abilities.
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