Embody Joy & Happiness

embody Joy & Happiness

Amethyst Crystals


The soul stone amethyst is also known as the stone of Buddha. It has a high vibration that is calming and relaxing, allowing for spiritual growth. It will help you clear your mind during your search for inner peace.

Amethyst will help you maintain balanced emotions when external stresses demand your attention. Its influence on your intuition, or sixth sense, will reveal answers and ideas to meet anything that life throws at you.



Pearls signify purity and are known as the stone of sincerity. Bringing the energy of truth to any situation, pearls prompt you to act with utter integrity. They are also symbols of femininity, helping women to connect with their “inner goddesses."

Pearls' characteristics of honesty, modesty, sincerity, and wisdom help you harmonize with nature and the people around you. The pearl’s vibrational energy is nature’s love that fills you with joy and happiness. Its influence on your intuition, or sixth sense, will reveal answers and ideas to meet anything that life throws at you.

The energy collection - The Healing heart Peridot


Known as the love talisman, peridot will encourage you to let go of anger, jealousy, guilt, obsession, and other toxic emotions. Clean and clear those mental blocks and you will be open to the gifts the universe has waiting for you.

Bring focus on your purpose of life. Mentally stimulating, you will be more in tuned, which helps build your confidence and self-esteem.

Wear Peridot, be motivated and persevere to pursue what you want in life. Love, happiness, family, career, or adventure can all be yours! There is little you can not achieve with the influence of Peridot.

Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline

For your mental and emotional health, choose this lovely gemstone! The calming qualities of this pink crystal with the added benefits of the soothing healing energy is your go to gemstone for much needed TLC for yourself and friends you care deeply for.

This lovely gemstone reflects the life of love and heart for you! Located near your breastbone is your heart chakra. With pink tourmaline you will balance and heal your heart chakra. Encouraging an influx of love, joy and happiness to fill your life. This lovely pink crystal is high in lithium. Lithium helps emotional and mood related problems such as depression anxiety and stress.

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