Reveal Compassion & Love

Reveal Compassion and Love

The energy collection - Reveal Compassionate Love Emerald


The emerald is the stone of aspiration and inspiration. It fosters loyalty, sensitivity, harmony, and peace. Its calming and balancing energy provides a mental and emotional equilibrium that improves self-esteem, intuition, and optimism.

Emerald opens the heart to romance, hope, and good fortune. Wearing emeralds strengthens your connection to love, allowing you to offer unconditional love and compassion. To attract romantic love or revive passion, wear an emerald next to your heart.

Peruvian Opal


Opal is a stone that helps you enjoy life by becoming more positive, loving, creative, and spontaneous. Opal heals and strengthens the emotions while bringing thoughts and feelings to the surface.

Opal moderates and harmonizes sexual desire. It assists you in realizing you have unlimited potential. Wear opal to live life with a heightened sense of calm and the understanding that you are inherently perfect.



Rhodochrosite is the stone of compassion that promotes selfless love. It gives you the ability to see situations through your thoughts and emotions without interference from the opinions of others.

Wearing rhodochrosite brings out your adventurous side that welcomes change. It gives you the ability to lovingly see yourself and others for who they truly are. Including any negative behaviors that need correcting.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz attracts love, happiness, and peace. It comforts and heals any wound the heart has suffered so that you are open to love and compassion. Rose quartz dissolves sorrow, worry, fear, and resentment so that you can offer love and compassion to others.

Rose quartz has a calming effect that allows you to clearly understand your emotions. It teaches the true essence of love by helping you learn to love yourself. Only when you love yourself can you truly love another. Wearing rose quartz will help you build strong relationships.

The energy collection - Reveal Compassionate Love Unakite


Unakite fosters healthy relationships and harmonious partnerships. Its vibration helps you let go of the past and release anger and resentment.

Unakite creates healthy, emotionally balanced relationships. When you understand your emotional needs , you can balance the need to control and the need to be controlled in a relationship.

Wearing unakite encourages tolerance and gentleness towards others. And it gives you the patience and persistence to find emotional harmony in ourselves.