Be confidence & Keep Calm

Be Confident & Keep Calm

The energy collection - Keep calm and build confidence Aquamarine


This stone helps reduce stress and calms the mind. Associated with the Throat chakra. This gemstone gives support to those particularly overwhelmed by responsibility by imbuing them with tranquility and strength. Given that, it is a stone ideal for meditation, sharpening intuition and boosting clairvoyance.

It is also useful for emotional closure, clarity and building inner power making it a superb self-confidence builder. Be less harsh on yourself. Learning to have your inner voice speak kindly to yourself.

The energy collection - Keep calm and build confidence Howlite


Howlite has a soothing energy that helps focus the mind and relieve stress. It can remove distracting thoughts from your mind and help you form new habits. Howlite is also known to help you overcome bad habits and destructive thoughts.

Wear earrings that contain Howlite to unlock your crown chakra and focus your mind. Wear it in a necklace near the throat to relieve stress. Or, over the breast bone, near the heart, to eliminate bad habits and help instill new helpful habits.