Be confidence & Keep Calm

Be Confident & Keep Calm

The energy collection - Keep calm and build confidence Aquamarine


Reduce stress and calm your mind. Great for your throat chakra, this gemstone gives support to those particularly overwhelmed by responsibility. The energy of Aquamarine will bring you tranquility and strength. An ideal gemstone for meditation, sharpening intuition, and boosting clairvoyance.

Looking for emotional closure? Seek clarity and build inner power for superb self-confidence. Be less harsh on yourself. Listen and learn to have your inner voice speak kindly to yourself.

The energy collection - Keep calm and build confidence Howlite


Howlite, a soothing energy that helps focus your mind and relieve stress. This beautiful creamy white gemstone will permeate you with soothing thoughts and compassion. Eliminate distracting negativity and foster new habits.

Temper the storm of emotions here. Unlock your crown chakra and focus your mind. This gemstone will slow down the chatter of your mind and allow you to live more intentionally daily!



Synonymous with bringing wealth and good luck. Pyrite is known as "fool's gold" with its' shimmery hue. This gold gemstone helps reduce financial hardship situations. Build confidence to make sound financial decisions! Learn to find strength and determination for challenging tasks when used for meditations.

A more masculine gemstone, this is great for stamina and strength. Pyrite activates energy to promote ideal health, intellect, and emotional well-being. Allows you to recognize the purity of the universe.

Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye

The gemstone of bravery, this is what all aspiring entrepreneurs should have in their back pockets. Tiger's Eye is a protection stone. Bring good luck and clarity in your thought process and judgement to make wise choices.

Also called the “shape-shifter,” this gemstone will transform your perspective. How? See yourself past your self imposed limits and beliefs. Ignite courage in your journey to persevere towards goals. Be your best problem solver!