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Discover the energy of gemstone jewelry to heal, protect, & transform

Beautiful gemstones, are they more powerful than just their beauty to the eye? Physics teaches us that all matter is energy in physical form, and our beautiful gemstones have an energy of their own.

Gemstones are formed over millions of years of intense pressure and heat deep in the earth’s crust. Some, such as peridot and diamond, are formed in volcanoes deep in the earth’s mantel.

Each gemstone has its own gravitational force and vibration from the unique way its molecules and atoms react to each other.

The use of gemstones by humans goes by to the beginning of recorded history over 5,000 years ago. Ancient Egyptians, Indians (Hindu and Buddhist chakras), Chinese (Chi), Romans, and Greeks used crystals as conduits of the earth’s energy for healing, protection, and to increase their divine powers.

Today it is called bioelectromagnetism. It is the study of how biological entities react with electromagnetic fields.

These energy fields can be positive, uplifting, energizing, or calming vibrations from natural gemstones.

Or they can be negative, depressing, draining, and disease-producing when they come from electronics or radioactive metals. Fortunately, the energy of gemstones can help protect you from these damaging energy fields.

The most effective way to make use of the healing energy of gemstones is to wear them. And what more beautiful way to wear gemstone than jewelry by Carol Custom Design where each piece is created with the intention of the energy of the gemstones to improve your life.

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