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Root Chakra – Mūlādhāra

Root Chakra - energy for the body

Focus on your root chakra to combat the feelings of stress and instability. Get Grounded and Gain Stability with a balanced root chakra. Worried about basic needs, such as having enough money to pay bills and keep a roof over your head? Are you overwhelmed with everyday responsibilities? Do you find yourself paralyzed with fear over uncertainty? If so, then chances are your Muhladhara could use some tender loving care.

What Is the Root Chakra?

The root chakra is the first of seven chakras that align throughout the body and sits at the base of the spine. It is also named the fundamental chakra because it is the foundation for all other chakras. The flow of energy to all the chakras begins with this foundation chakra. This “power switch” is the most instinctual of all seven chakras. It is the “fight or flight” survival center of the body.

Red is the most recognizable color for the root chakra, but it is also associated with black, brown, and gray. A balanced root chakra will give you a grounded, secure, and courageous feeling. Even in the most threatening of circumstances.

How to Heal the Root Chakra

With a blocked root chakra you could exhibit physical ailments such as constipation, back pain, and fatigue.

Psychological signs include feelings of insecurity, aggressiveness, fearfulness, anger, restlessness, eating disorders, and low self-esteem.

So how does one heal the root chakra? Here are a few tips to show you how:

Create A Harmonious Environment

The root chakra relates to feeling safe in your space. You can create a sense of comfort and security by decorating your home with objects that you love and keeping it organized and clean. Fostering good relationships with your neighbors also builds a strong communal support system.

Earth Connection

When healing the root chakra, it’s important to connect with the earth. You can do so by walking in the park, pruning bushes, mowing the lawn, or planting seeds. Make spending time outdoors a daily routine! The presence of plants in your home will also help bring the elements of the earth closer to you. This helps open the root chakra to a more grounded energy flow.

Exercise and Eat Right

You will look amazing when you optimize your foundational chakra! That’s because it governs your physical appearance and vitality. Consistent exercise plays a big part in supporting this chakra’s healing. Any physical movement is great, but Yoga poses are particularly powerful for root chakra cleansing.

Certain foods bolster the root chakra, too. They include root vegetables such as parsnips, rainbow chard, carrots, and beets. Red-colored food, be it fruits, vegetable, or meat, are always beneficial to this energy center.

Address Insecurities and Build Self-reliance

To stop the cycle of constant worrying, focus on trusting the support of the universe. Use resources such as psychotherapy, Reiki, and acupuncture to help purge negative beliefs. Meditation is great for chakra healing work. Learning new skills is a great way to get out of your comfort zone to build self-reliance and confidence. Above all else, maintain a positive attitude!

Get Clear About What You Want

Another way to heal the root chakra is to get clear about what you want in life. Intention drives your decisions about where you want to live, what you want to do, and who you want to be with. Getting introspective about your goals opens you up to new possibilities and dissolves the sense of scarcity.

Believe and Receive

The root chakra embodies all things in the physical realm, which is a reflection of what has been happening inside you. That means your current state of mind will eventually manifest itself into the outer state of your material world. Visualize what you want and believe it will come!

Root Chakra Healing Stones

The use of crystals is also effective for healing chakras. The vibrational frequency and colors of the stones help restore balance where energy is blocked. Root chakra stone colors are typically red or brown. These help to build and nurture your life force.

Gemstones to aid you in your journey:

Brown and Red Jasper: Brown jasper comes in a variety of shades and is excellent for connecting to nature. The ancient Egyptians wore red jasper because they believed it was fertilizer for their blood. Recognized as a symbol of energy and endurance, jasper stones connect to the earth, so take advantage of their power by wearing them outdoors.

Garnet: The red color of garnet also harmonizes with the root chakra and provides emotional stability and a sense of belonging. The stone is associated with success, security, and personal vitality–ideal for root chakra healing. It also releases worry, fear, and anxiety. Red garnet is the stone of “ultimate health” because it is connected to blood circulation. It helps the earth’s energy flow upwards through the body to promote total chakra alignment.

Red Carnelian: This stone comes in varying shades of red and orange. Historically it was worn for strength and courage. It boosts motivation, willpower, and confidence. Red carnelian plays an important role in creativity by fueling the fire of inspiration and smoking out any negativity.

Red Coral: Known as the stone of energy and passion, it promotes communal harmony and helps release negative thoughts. Red coral is the ultimate optimizer and energizer for the root chakra. It boosts self-confidence and helps everything look rosier!

How to Use Healing Stones

All these crystals can be placed on the lower back during rest or meditation as part of your healing regime. You can also put them in your pocket while gardening or walking in nature. Remember, the root chakra likes nature! Wear these stones as jewelry to help you gain self-worth, courage, and take steps towards building the empire you’ve always dreamed of!

Jewelry to Balance Your Root Chakra