Inspired / Creative / Inventive

A graduate from FIDM - The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising

Meet Carol Engelson!

I was born to create. Ever since I was a little girl, I have always been attracted to vibrant jewels and gemstones. My mother taught me that if I learned how to work with my hands, I would never be bored. And so it began! Making jewelry is something I am passionate about because I love turning healing gemstones and beads into one of a kind pieces, and envisioning the women who will wear them. 


I find inspiration and materials everywhere, including travels across the world to places like Morocco, my grandfather’s collection of beads, or antique markets and art fairs wherever I see something that strikes a fancy. Each piece is unique and made to inspire individuality, beauty and a little bit of whimsy every time you put one on. 


If you have an idea in mind, please feel free to reach out - I love creating custom pieces and bringing your vision to life.