Meet Carol Engelson!

I was born to create. Ever since I was a little girl, I have always been attracted to vibrant jewels and gemstones. My mother taught me that if I learned how to work with my hands, I would never be bored. And so it began! I am passionate about creating jewelry with intention. I love turning healing gemstones and beads into one of a kind pieces. Most of all, I envision the women who will wear them.

I find inspiration and materials everywhere, including travels across the world to places like Morocco, my grandfather’s collection of beads, or antique markets and art fairs.  When I see something that strikes a fancy, I am very inspired and excited. Each piece is unique and made to inspire individuality, beauty and a sense of well being every time you put one on.

My Jewelry with Intention pieces offer healing and elevates positive energy for your well being. Customized, crystal (or gemstone) necklaces, earrings and bracelets designed to heal and empower you!

Custom design your own piece! - I would love the opportunity to create a piece just for you!