Choker Necklaces: The New, Trending Work-From-Home Wardrobe Staple

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Working from home is now the new normal for many and with that has come a revised definition of conference-call attire. Many women have quickly learned that wearing a trendy choker necklace is all they need to instantly step-up their remote-call image. Choker necklaces will be your go to accessory staple! Here are a few collar-length necklaces—under $100–to consider as wardrobe staples for Zoom meetings and beyond.

ad flower medallion necklace

Add some flower power to your outfit with this whimsical, floral pendant choker. It has just the right amount of glitz and glam to upgrade any outfit. Throw it on for a fun, girls’ night out or for a more romantic evening date. It also makes a great statement piece for any conference call meeting.

ad gold band | crystal necklace

This simple, crystal necklace is the perfect weekend accessory, whether it be for attending a Yoga class, running errands or meeting up with friends for Sunday brunch. The bonus? Clear crystals are known for eliminating negativity and getting mental clarity—combining both fashion and healing energy with one jewelry piece.

ad flower charm necklace

Combining the trends of hematite metal and floral motifs, this necklace is yet another great personal-statement wardrobe option for conference-call meetings. This collar-length daisy charm stunner lets clients and colleagues know you are on the task and have the project totally under control.

ad hematite colored necklace

Hematite-colored metal jewelry offers a fresh alternative to silver and gold and has been featured on Fall 2020 fashion runways. This choker’s spike embellishments will add a bit of edgy elegance to your wardrobe–whether you pair it with a business suit by day or little black dress by night.


ad brass glass cube necklace

Want to project creativity? Then this is your go-to jewelry piece. This geometric trio of glass cubes encased in gold metal has a simple, modern design. It’s a nod to Piet Mondrian’s cubist

ad coral necklace

Wearing coral promotes self-expression and good hospitality, making it a great choker style necklace to wear when hosting or attending a party. Because it derives from the sea, pack it in your bag if you are vacationing in a tropical destination or just heading for the weekend to a sandy beach.

ad agate | amazonite necklace

This bold layering necklace combines both agate and amazonite stones to make a dramatic, fashion statement for any occasion. Agate is the stone known for making one appear cool, calm and collected, while amazonite lends courage to forge fearlessly towards success. Now that is what you want to communicate on a remote business call!