The Transformative Power of Crystal Jewelry

gemstones for healing

The Healing Benefits of Gemstone Jewelry

Jewelry has been used for adornment, good luck and healing throughout history. The ancient Egyptians used jewelry for protection against evil. The Greeks used stones to attract fortune. During the Renaissance, crystals were used to treat health ailments. Even though most jewelry today is strictly for show, there has been a growing demand for baubles that encapsulate more personalized meaning, and less bling.

Hence the resurgence of crystal jewelry. Whether it is a bracelet, necklace or earrings, crystal jewelry can attract success, build self-love and protect against negative energy–among many other things. Knowing that, here follows a breakdown of how to choose crystal jewelry based on whatever transformative powers you desire from these healing stones.

Raising positive vibrations and manifesting good fortune

If you are looking to pivot out of depression and instill a more positive attitude, Citrine is your go-to crystal. It stimulates the mind to get motivated and helps make your intentions a reality.  Similarly, Aventurine, is known as one of the world’s lucking stones in the world of crystal healing and is also known for attracting opportunity. Jade has long been known as the stone that attracts financial abundance and Onyx releases anxiety to make space for more positive energy.

Gaining emotional stability and mental clarity

For those who are going through an emotionally draining time, this family of stones are perfect for nurturing the mind and soothing the soul. Chalcedony supports calming nerves and eliminates negative emotions. Jasper offers grounding energies to instill courage and promotes quick thinking. Agate helps heal anger while creating a sense of stability. It also improves concentration and mental clarity,

Inner Transformation

If you are looking to reinvent yourself, these stones are your best pick, Labradorite supports inner strength, clarity and perseverance to help cut out that which no longer serves you and helps you focus on what matters most. Moonstone is the gemstone known for new beginnings. It promotes creativity and inner confidence to better manifest good fortune and success in both love and business matters.

Standing in Your Power

Called the stone of courage and truth, Amazonite empowers you to move beyond fear and become solidly grounded in your true authenticity. It encourages freedom of thoughts and feelings to stand up to others and set clear boundaries. In addition, when placed on the chest, it is known to heal the heart chakra by releasing toxic emotions. Aquamarine helps reduce stress and calms the mind. It is effective during meditation and sharpens intuition. Ideal for emotional closure, it also a great confidence builder.

Leveling Up to The Inner Goddess Within

Above all, Pearls connotate purity and are synonymous with sincerity and integrity. The stone is also known as a strong symbol of femininity—helping women to connect with their “inner goddess.” Additional Pearl characteristics include honesty, justice and wisdom. Mother of pearl is known as the protection stone and brings with it the healing power of the sea. Like the goddess Venus, the stone enables you to more easily express feeling of love while stimulating intuition, imagination and sensitivity. In addition, the stone brings balance and harmony.

Building Self Love

Rose quartz has always been the stone of love. It helps open the heart chakra to give and receive unconditional love and restores trust and harmony in relationships. It is ideal for those looking to increase self-love within themselves and brings comfort to a broken heart. Opal celebrates the vast spectrum of emotions, intensifies passion and releases inhibitions. It helps release anger and builds your self-worth to better love on a higher level. It also stimulates originality, creativity and interest in the arts.

Building Friendships, Protection and Purification

Turquoise fosters both romantic love and friendship bonds while protecting against bad omens and negative energy. This stone also balances all the chakras stabilizing mood swings and instilling inner calm. Because it is known as a purification stone, it is excellent to ward off depression and exhaustion. It is ideal for raising energy vibrations.

Multi-purposing Crystals 

The beauty of crystal jewelry is that you can use them in lieu of singular stones during meditation and moon ceremonies. To maximize their power, you must cleanse and program them. You can cleanse the stones by immersing them in a Himalayan sea salt bath. To program a crystal, simply hold it and voice the clear intention you have for the stone. Then thank it for bringing forth the reality of all your manifestations,

Regardless of whether you are looking to buy your first piece of crystal jewelry or are in the process of building an entire crystal jewelry collection, this jewelry offers both personal style and powerful healing. For more information, visit

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