Welcome to Carol Custom Design!

The Home of One-of-a-kind, Artisan-crafted Jewelry

Welcome to Carol Custom Design!

The Home of One-of-a-kind, Artisan-crafted Jewelry


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Carol creates each piece with the intention to bring love, success, confidence, and well-being to the life of the woman that wears it.

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Discover the energy of gemstone jewelry to heal, protect and transform.

Learn the energy of gemstone jewelry to balance your 7 chakras.

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Carol Custom Design Gift Box
Carol Custom Design Gift Box with Organza Bag
Carol Custom Design Gift Box with Velvet Bag

Each piece of jewelry by Carol Custom Design arrives wrapped in a protective organza or velvet bag, placed inside a gift box tied with raffia ribbon.
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Meet Carol Engelson

carol engelson

I was born to work with my hands and to create. As a little girl, I have always been attracted to vibrant jewels, gemstones, fiber, and color. I find inspiration and materials everywhere from my grandfather’s bead collection, to my travels across the world to places such as Morocco and Italy, and especially meandering antique markets and art fairs.

Energy In Jewelry

Once I discovered all the benefits of gemstones from the earth, sea, and plant life, I have become passionate about all the energy they hold. I worked to learn more about each gemstone and how it can heal, protect and transform us through our daily intention and journey.

I feel very inspired when I work with the gemstones and how they interact with my personal energy and emotions. I want you to experience these transformative energies while focusing on your intentions. Because of this, each piece of jewelry is created with the intention of having the energy of the gemstones to improve, enhance and more importantly inspire your daily life.

Gemstones and crystals have been used as talismans throughout history. Wearing your talisman as a beautiful piece of jewelry serves as a reminder to bring you back to the present and creates positive, happy, strengthening feelings of well-being.

One-of-a-kind Pieces of Jewelry

My Mother taught me that learning to work and create with my hands I would never be bored. Tapping into this creative side and transforming something with my own two hands is my favorite way to “be”, whether I’m creating jewelry or baking my favorite batch of rugelach pastry.

As a one-woman design studio, I have the creative freedom not to repeat and therefore am able to create unique works of art with each piece of jewelry I craft. Most of all, I envision the woman who will wear each piece and the benefits from the energies of these unique gemstone combinations. I make each piece to inspire individual healing, beauty, and a sense of well-being every time a piece of jewelry is worn.

3 strand stretch bracelets

Connecting with Customers

Designing, creating, and sourcing gemstones is exiting, fun, and inspiring. But connecting with the woman that wears the jewelry I created is what gives me inspiration and vision. Hearing how the jewelry benefits their life through emails and social media messages keeps me in my studio creating more!

Most Popular Collections

My Energy in Jewelry Gemstone Collection offers healing energy while elevating positive energy for your well-being. The Chakra Collection elevates, cleanses, and balances your chakras.